About us

Alright heroes,

Thanks for choosing to pass the time with us while you pretend to watch the TV or if you’re bored sitting on the bog. We’ll keep this brief so you don’t get pins and needles in your legs.

Who even are we?

We are James and Eddie Ward, the colourblind, dyslexic chancers behind this daft card business.

10 years ago, when we had more hair and less children, we started a market stall in East London selling greeting cards. To our surprise people liked them, in fact they would say “These cards are actually quite good”, we stole that compliment and used it as the name for our business.

Since then we have designed hundreds of funny greeting cards which we sell to customers across the world as well as being stocked in hundreds of shops across the UK.

I hope you enjoy looking through our work and if you would like to find out more then please visit www.thewardbrothers.co.uk.

Still going?  

Well, why not read the ingredients on the toothpaste or something?